Islam Chipsy [...] comes from the Imbaba neighborhood, which is in the heart of Cairo. [...] By first mastering the tradition, he was then free to re-invent this tradition as it related to keyboard playing. It's pure, violent virtuosity. Traditional piano players use all their fingers to play a chord. House music revolutionised this, by allowing the producer to use only one finger. Chipsy introduced a new approach: he fires tone clusters with his fists, palms and edges of his hands all over the keyboard, and slamming down the keys, but still in a virtuosic way. [...]

The Islam Chipsy album is an very important document that captures the energy of the place and the time. It features everything that defines great art: it makes the universal personal and the personal universal. It makes other dimensions and other perspectives open up to the listener.

Joost Heijthuijsen on The Quietus,